Ten Surprising Healthy Benefits Of Using Derma Roller For Beard Growth


Ten Surprising Healthy Benefits - Of Using Derma Roller For Beard Growth

Ten Surprising Healthy Benefits Of Using Derma Roller For Beard Growth

Questions covered

  • What On Earth Is A Derma Roller?
  • Any Significant Benefits?
  • Does Derma Roller Have Any Side Effects?
  • Which Size Or Length Of Derma Roller Is The Best?


Did you feel surprised the first time you heard about Derma Roller? You're not alone; it wasn't popular at first. The first recorded use of a derma roller was in 1905 in Germany; a noted dermatologist started treating scars and birthmarks. Thanks to Dr. Desmond Fernandes, who exposed Derma roller to the limelight in late 1995. Derma roller can now serve different purposes, including growing beards and has become an essential piece of any beard growth kit.

What On Earth Is A Derma Roller?

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People call it different names such as micro or miniature needling, Derma-rolling, or Derma Roller. Whatever the name, this device is a unique craft designed to help  improve and multiply the flow of collagen underneath your skin by making transitory channels. Once placed on your skin (let's say your chin or the bald part of your beard), the Derma roller penetrates the first layer of your skin to manipulate your immune system. How do I mean? Our immune system is designed to react to tissue, flesh, and organ complications with immediate effect! They also recuperate minor cases such as cuts and bruises.

A wedge of hundreds of needles will inflict minor injury on your skin. However, as soon as your immune system senses the loophole, collagen will be supplied to recuperate the cut within the canal. And with the expansion in the bloodstream and collagen, your beard growth skyrockets! The Derma roller can also annihilate skin breaks and blemished skin.

Any Significant Benefits? 

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Lets’s talk about the ten surprising benefits of Dermarolling. If you're consistent and considerate (twice a week), you'll be able to achieve the following:
  1. Grow evenly, nourished, and healthy beard
  2. Slow one of aging effects, wrinkles and stretch marks
  3. Reduce skin inflammation and discoloration all at a go!
  4. Soften skin texture
  5. Enhance skin density
  6. Full facial restoration
  7. Improve hair follicles to exterminate waste products in your system freely
  8. Reduce the scar tissues
  9. Boost the supply of collagen and elastin
  10. Improve the blood flow to keep your skin glowing

There are tons of benefits micro-needling has in stock for you. So why don't you start exploring?

Does Derma Roller Have Any Side Effects?

Aside from a bit of redness and spots caused by the needles, the Derma roller is safe. Although, as a rule of thumb, a dirty or unsterilized roller would cause infection, endeavor to keep it clean before and after use. One more thing, ensure you understand the guide of your product before use, as you won't want to tear your skin before knowing its usage.

Which Size Or Length Of Derma Roller Is The Best?

There are no one size fits, and what works for Becky (she has shallow acne scars) may not work for you as you are trying to grow your beard. Generally, anywhere around 0.25 to 1.0mm is available and famous in the market. However, I recommend the 0.5 MM needle length for beard growth purposes for various reasons. First, that specific length is good enough to effectively stimulate and enhance the supply of collagen and elastin that grow beards. In addition to getting the job done, it's safe to use on your skin compared to the long needle roller required to do the same job. 

Bottom Line

Beard derma roller works like magic in grooming a healthy beard. Although it may take some weeks to get the best result, it works! 

And more importantly, use the Derma roller with caution and do not exert too much pressure on your skin.

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