Top Four Beard Predators You Must Avoid At All Cost!

Top Four Beard Predators You Must Avoid At All Cost!

When you hear the term 'Predators,' what always comes to mind? That may remind you of how weasels, wolves, lions, hawks, and grizzly bear hunts down prey on Wild America (TV series) or Nat Geo Wild. I'm sure you can still remember how these predators yank their prey apart as if they were nothing! Even if shredding apart isn't the case with some predators, the fact is that predators were designed to ravage, harm, or destroy anything of concern. Do you, by chance, know that your beard has some predators? This article will briefly expose you to the significant beard predators, which include: beard acne, beard dandruff, beard itch, and beard knots. 

Beard Acne

Beard acne has no teeth or claws, yet, it can ruin your game. I'm optimistic you've come across men suffering from this ailment! How do they look? Honestly, beard acne can be frustrating and painful. The clear stamp it sticks on the sufferer's chin, and the whole place makes it more embarrassing and what could turn that pretty lady away without saying a darn word? Trust me, beard acne came first.

Beard acne is pimples that form inside or under your beard. Generally, folliculitis would occur due to bacterial infection (There will be pus in the bumps) or because your hair got trapped underneath. Whether bacterial infection or natural circumstances, beard acne can make life uncomfortable!

So What Can Be Done To Avoid It?

  • Wash and comb your beard regularly.
  • Keep your beard skin moisturized.
  • Use an Aloe Vera-based cleanser.
  • Shave when due.

Beard Dandruff

Beard Dandruff came second as a virulent beard eater. It doesn't have to eat it; beard dandruff will make it looks so bad that you'll end up shoving everything off, at least to have peace of mind just to realize that dandruff has turned your fresh chin to dry, flaky skin and carve the map of Ohio on it! Simply imagine how you'll feel when they say you have poor hygiene, especially if it's coming from a lady!

Generally speaking, dandruff is caused by yeast development on your skin. It would have been nothing until your body responds to it. The outcome of the battle led to inflammation, scaly and flaky of your skin. At this stage, if something is not done, the dandruff scales will keep spreading until your entire head is glowing like a mountain top covered with snow.

So What Can Be Done To Avoid It?

Subscribe to a reliable shampoo

Let your beard grow naturally

Wash your beard regularly

Get enough sleep

Eat healthy meal

Beard Itch

If you've ever been with a dude scratching his itchy beard endlessly, you will know the true value of a healthy and nourished beard. As you may have presumed, poor hygiene can result in an itchy beard. Simply imagine someone who works in a dirty place with a huge and long beard as Sarwan Singh but never bathes regularly. What do you think will happen? However, there are other cases such as dry skin, fungal or bacterial infection, ingrown hairs, pimples breakout, and more that can cause beard itch. Whatever the reasons, an itchy beard can put you in a tough position! Honestly, the last thing you want to do is scratch your beard in the presence of dignitaries!

So What Can Be Done To Avoid It?

Maintain a good hygiene

Use a natural moisturizer

Brush regularly

Trim as when due

Eat a balanced diet

Beard Knot

Honestly, an acne beard may be painful while an itchy beard can be irritating but the fact that your healthy hair will always be intertwined and knotted as if you just woke up; whereas, you are among the elites is a bombshell! And this must be annoying and frustrating, or how do you think it feels to be born with something you can't change but manage? In short, a Beard knot is a problem, especially for men with thick, dry, curly, or long beards, but it can be managed.

So What Can Be Done To Avoid It?

Wash with beard softeners that react as a moisturizer

Dry out with a towel

Apply beard oil

Get the right comb (comb it regularly) 

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