About Us

A California-based business developed to solve beard growth issues. Our story started with a need to have a full beard. 
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Many factors could have affected the original growth of your beard and prevented you from having a full beard, such as the food you eat, the water you drink, and even the daily stress you face, but that does not justify not having a full beard.

In addition to the previously mentioned reasons, facial hair settles within the first two layers of the face skin, creating the need to penetrate these layers to allow the hair follicles to emerge and grow.  


These facts and more were considered when The Beard Engineer designed the beard growth kit. The Beard Engineer is here to deliver the most innovative yet efficient solutions for your beard needs. We will help you solve your beard problems through providing the best beard growth products in the market.

Our vision is not only to engineer the beard growth process through our beard growth kit but also tackle all beard dilemmas by solving all the problems that might face you during your Journey and even after you reach your desired beard.
The Beard Engineer will help you overcome patchy beard, beard acne, beard knots, dry skin and promote beard growth by using the right ingredients and tools that will do a specific job and solve certain problem. 
We will achieve our vision through maintaining the intensive market research and problem focused analysis to keep providing the best products to ensure delivering the latest solutions for your beard problems.
Our beard growth oil is U.S. made and consists of pure organic carrier oils and natural extracts that help in growing the facial hair.